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With most companies business great customer service died a slow death during the past twenty years. When building a business great customer service, communication and hard work is paramount to the success of your business, period! To many people hiring a “professional” web designer and developer is important. In this business the word “professional” can have different meanings with different results. To us the word “professional” means great customer service. Great customer service you will get a great design, great development and great results. It can start with emailing or calling a professional website design firm. You will probably get a very enthusiastic person on the line, ready to sell you their services.

In reality after you sign up and are ready to start you get an assembly line ready to build your website, chances are you will never get to speak directly with the person developing your site!
So what happened to the day when you worked directly with the designer? Well in reality most design firms are super busy and need to set up some process to handle all the work coming in. This usually works great for them, unfortunately you may feel left out of the process.

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