Frequently Asked Questions

General Web Design

What does a website cost?

To get a better idea of the cost of what you want to build, give us a quick phone call or send us a detailed email.. We’ll ask you a few questions about the nature of the site, what sort of interactivity the site will have, your graphic design needs, etc. Then we’ll be able to give you ballpark price quote. If you are still interested, we will follow up with a firm quote.

What about responsive design?

Yes, All of our work is responsive. If you have a site that is not responsive, you are missing out on customers that use tablets and phones to shop.

Another company says they can build a web site for us for $200.

We’ve seen those ads on the side of the road, too. Be wary of anyone who says they’ll build you a web site or sell you a car for $500. There’s a possibility they’ll take your money and run. What’s more likely is that they’ll take your money and then build your site with a template. They may have a lot of templates to choose from, but they’ll all be rather generic. They’ll ask you for five pages of text and then slap it into a template and that’s it. You can’t have custom graphic design; you can’t have any interactivity; your site won’t be optimized for search engines and it will look like a $200 site.

How much money do you require to start?

We require a 50% deposit to start. Although, we can break the price up into 3 payments. Call and find out how easy it is to work with us!

I see you do a lot of eCommerce, do you build Corporate/Company websites?

Absolutely. We build all types of websites. Let us know what you have in mind for your company websit

Does DWD provide web hosting services?

We don’t offer hosting. We do offer a service to help set-up 3rd party hosting and getting your domain pointed to your store or website.

Do you build blogs and can you match it to my website design?

Yes, we can match a blog to you’re website design theme. We work with WordPress and Blogger.

Graphic Design/Mockup

How many suggestions can I send you once I receive the mock-up? Do I have a say?

Absolutely. Our goal is to please you. We don’t limit the design revisions, we just ask to please be reasonable with updates. We want you to be happy and 100% satisfied with your design before the mock-up goes to programming.

What program do you use to design a website?

We use Adobe Photoshop to design our websites. We find that there are no other design programs better suited for web graphic design than Photoshop.

Do I own the rights to my new design?

Yes, you own the design! In fact we will send you the original design files. Some web design contracts don’t give you the rights to the work you’re pay for. Always look for the rights to own your design when signing up with any design company.

Can you improve or redesign my logo?

Absolutely, we offer logo improvements and logo design services. We can also provide a “print version” of you logo at no extra charge..

Can you model my new site from a competitor or another site I like?

Yes, We can model your site, not copy or clone a design. Our designs are created from scratch, 100% original work. We are happy to create a similar “look and feel using another website example.” Our goal is to make your new site look better than the competition.

Can you work with my image files, what about my graphics, photography?

As long as you own the rights to any photography, stock photography, clipart, or graphics files, we can use it in your website. We will also provide our own graphic design and stock files with any design package.

Superior Support

Will you be available after the work is complete?

Absolutely. We offer personalized support services and guarantee our work. We have been in business for 14 years. We will be here when you need us!

How do I contact DWD?

You can contact us toll free 800-854-4110 or

I can no longer get a hold of my web guy and I need updates! Can you help?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, we hear this all the time, the case of the disappearing web developer! Communication is important, you are running a business and time is money! Let us know what you need and we can take over. We will never leave you high and dry!