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Let’s talk mobile phone numbers.

With limited space on mobile responsive websites, a good idea is to add your company phone number to your mobile menu. Your toll free phone number will easily allows your customers to conveniently place a call right from their device.  If you don’t want to miss out on potential sales..you may want to add your number, seriously do it 🙂

Inserting a phone number requires some semi-advanced knowledge of css and html. It also depends on what platform your website is on and accessing the mobile menu in the code.

The phone number can be added to accordion menu, slide out and drop down menu styles. Generally a mobile menu uses list styles…

Rarely, some code may use div tags:


The list style may have a class <li class=””> so you may want to try adding with or without the class, depending on how the phone number appears.

You’ll want the phone number clickable so adding <a href=”tel:+18005555555″>800-555-5555</a> will allow calls directly from your website.

Something like this:

<li><a href=”tel:+18005555555″>800-555-5555 (insert your number)</a></li>

You can make the phone number bold like this:

<li><a href=”tel:+18005555555″><strong>800-555-5555 </strong></a></li>

or use<b></b> to bold.

If you need help adding your phone number, links, view cart buttons, contact forms, or email address please contact us at 800-854-4110.

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Development & Customization for The Best eCommerce Platform for WordPress WooCommerce.

Custom Design & Development of WooCommerce. An open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Turn your WordPress into a profit driven online store.

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Optinmonster is a Powerful lead generation software that converts abandoning shopping cart visitors into subscribers with dynamic marketing tools and Exit Intent® technology.

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2015 Looks like a great year for 3DCart responsive design!

The year 2014 was a great year for the introduction of responsive templates. The long awaited HTML5 responsive designs from 3Dcart was a very exciting announcement.

We couldn’t wait to start working with 3DCart responsive!  As a developer for 3DCart we are excited about using these new templates as framework for our custom responsive designs in 2015.

We are excited to see the introduction of more responsive layouts as we move through 2015.

Below is an excerpt form the September 2014 announcement.


3DCart intro to HTML5 Responsive Templates

It’s final. It’s spectacular. It’s live!

Yes, the all-new HTML5 template engine that our design and development teams have been working on, is now officially live. Ready to help our merchants improve their online stores and grow their businesses.

The HTML5 Template Engine is now available on all 3dcart powered online stores. If you’re a current 3dcart-er, you’ll want to check out our “freshly baked” responsive themes designed to take advantage of the new templates, currently sparkling and fizzing with attractive, effective visuals and practical functions for your business.

And for those that just signed up or are looking into 3dcart for their online stores, well then, you’re just in time! Welcome aboard and feel free to browse through our cutting-edge HTML5 themes.
– See more at: http://www.3dcart.com/blog/the-3dcart-html5-responsive-template-engine-goes-live/#sthash.xnRjrEbp.dpuf


Look for our in depth review of the 3DCart responsive templates. Coming soon.


Quick Tip: Overwriting the Style Attribute

Say in the example that you are unable to change the HTML source code but only provide a stylesheet. Someone may have added a style directly on the element.

<div style="background-color:blue">
<p>Your Text</p>

!important can override the style.
   div { background-color: green !important }

You can use the !important on any style element, just don't go crazy with it! 
It's always a good idea to locate the original element style, this will help keep your CSS file size from growing.