Adding a phone number to a mobile menu

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Let’s talk mobile phone numbers.

With limited space on mobile responsive websites, a good idea is to add your company phone number to your mobile menu. Your toll free phone number will easily allows your customers to conveniently place a call right from their device.  If you don’t want to miss out on potential may want to add your number, seriously do it 🙂

Inserting a phone number requires some semi-advanced knowledge of css and html. It also depends on what platform your website is on and accessing the mobile menu in the code.

The phone number can be added to accordion menu, slide out and drop down menu styles. Generally a mobile menu uses list styles…

Rarely, some code may use div tags:


The list style may have a class <li class=””> so you may want to try adding with or without the class, depending on how the phone number appears.

You’ll want the phone number clickable so adding <a href=”tel:+18005555555″>800-555-5555</a> will allow calls directly from your website.

Something like this:

<li><a href=”tel:+18005555555″>800-555-5555 (insert your number)</a></li>

You can make the phone number bold like this:

<li><a href=”tel:+18005555555″><strong>800-555-5555 </strong></a></li>

or use<b></b> to bold.

If you need help adding your phone number, links, view cart buttons, contact forms, or email address please contact us at 800-854-4110.